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    I think you should try AA another few times. Going to one meeting doesn’t count as “willing to go to any lengths” to get and stay sober. I hated AA at first; in fact, I hated the fact that I had to go to AA. But then I met some really nice people that I could relate to and who could relate to me–and I stayed in the rooms, mainly so that I could see them and go out for coffee afterwards (sort of a second mini-meeting). Then I got a sponsor and started working the steps; and I’m guessing that if you are already on Step One, you want what we have. You’re tired of being a slave to alcohol. I am too. I’m only on Day Nine, and I am newly sober after a nine-month relapse that happened after four years of sobriety. The process of starting anew has been very humbling.

    I know you’re thinking “Aha! So AA doesn’t work, because you relapsed.” AA works if you work it, and I wasn’t. I became too wrapped up in grad school, and stopped going to meetings regularly, was not working with a sponsor, and I was definitely not in fit spiritual condition (and by “spiritual” I don’t mean a God thing).

    Speaking of which, I know the God thing can scare people away from AA. Don’t let it. I sometimes believe in God and sometimes don’t (depending on what day you ask me), but I do meditate. For me–and others here will argue that this is not true spirituality–I believe in a Higher Power that exists in the people in those AA meetings. There is a power greater than myself that keeps me sober, and every time I’m in an AA meeting I am in awe, because there is no way that a roomful of drunks should not be drinking, in jail, in the hospital, or dead.

    This disease is deadly. It is also “cunning, baffling, and powerful.” I wish you the best. Keep posting–especially when you have the urge to drink.

    I hope my post wasn’t too didactic; I just wanted to share with you my experience. Thanks for reading.



    @kriz24747 2752493 wrote:

    I’ve tried AA it just doesn’t seem right. but im hoping online here i could get more better support. But yes the reason i put this in step 1 is cause im admiting that im an alcoholic and i’m not in-control of my life.

    Hi. You may still want to consider AA because whether you realize it or not you’ve already made strides in step 1. Like Vai, When I first got involved with AA I was not crazy about it. I wanted to know all the details of how this was going to “fix” me. Before even getting involved I wanted to know how I was supposed to find a Higher Power when I hadn’t had any belief in 30 some years. As I went along I began to understand it wasn’t about that. It wasn’t about some formal religious belief or God. It was about willingness. A guy with 22 years in a meeting last week said in reference to the steps and program “I’ve got a blueprint that I don’t know how to read, but but I know I’m gonna build something” Today that’s how I think of the program, a blueprint that I don’t need to know how everything goes together, I just need to get started building.
    Sorry if this post is overzealous, but I’m just coming back to the program and working on this myself.



    kriz24747…..Welcome ..:wavey:

    When I began working my AA Steps…I felt a shift in perception
    from sometiimes shakey sobriety into solid recovery…..:yup:
    I so hope you will find that true for you.

    Blessings to you and your family

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