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    Hi, Kriz!

    How are you today? Just checking in to offer my support of your efforts. It’s bound to be rough at first, but just keep it in the day. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

    Best to you….



    @kriz24747 2752485 wrote:

    Please if anyone’s got a little bit of advice about what they did to change there exhausting alcoholic life style, anything would help. Thank You

    A complete change of life style…. ah, I remember coming to the conclusion that that’s what I needed as well. It was an important milestone on my road to recovery.

    Like viavai said above, I had to work and encorporate the 12 steps into my life before any truly beneficial and lasting changes happened. Also like viavai, I haaaated AA at first. I didn’t like that I needed them, their stupid steps, and that I was continually told I’d probably be screwed unless I gave it a sincere shot. What I thought was a “sales pitch” was really a lot of love being heaped upon me. One alcoholic can spot another easily…….and they could see the pain on my face, hear it in my words, and see it in my actions.

    A complete life make-over was in order…..a total frame-off restoration. It was humbling to admit I “needed” AA and I fought it a lot at the beginning out of pride and ego. One I finally surrendered and really tried to work the program though, the healing began in earnest.

    Welcome to the path….. 😉

    There’s a lot of support here…….support for staying on the path and for alternate routes. There’s a lot of experience here as well…a ton actually. Ask lots of questions and try to be as open and honest as you can….with us but especially with yourself.



    Thanks everyone with the advice! Im now going on day 4 of soberiety and it was kinda funny this morning on my way to school i felt excited for once in my life in the change i decided to make! I also felt good monday night when i was talking to someone at wal-mart and known that i didn’t smell like alcohol. monday was still the hardest day yet though being that it was my first day off from work since i decided this all. i made it through today just because i was staying busy.
    I think reading some of the blogs that children have wrote about there parents or loved ones has also helped me make this decision.
    thanks via for checking back in with me too! That made me feel warm inside!
    I’m in the thoughts of tring out AA again, but for the mean time i’ll keep posting here. Please keep your thoughts coming it helps! Thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 9 total)

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