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    Thank you all for your sharings and tips.

    A couple of weeks ago I went out to make some amends.
    For a few years ago I stole some bike from a shed.
    Since it was a dark night in late november/early december(and I weren’t all sober, allthought it was going out of my system), I wasn’t quite sure I was going to find the right house.
    But at least I knew roughly where it was, and maybe I would just find it and recognize it.

    And quite fast i spotted a house which had to be it!
    But I chosed to take a look around in the neighbor to be sure.
    But that had to be it, so I approached while I prayed, prayed and prayed.

    A man was outside washing his car, and I started talking with him.
    And at the very moment I’ve presented myself and started explaining my intent I felt this true serenity which I felt was a direct grace from God!

    Unfortunately it turned out that he had no idea of what bicycle I talked about, so it was wrong house after all..went around there(asking a few people too) but with no luck.
    Even if it was kind of sad that I didn’t find the house, it sure was an fantastic thing to experience, what I felt (when I started to talk with that man) was so overwhelming it could only be explained to be Gods grace!

    Also my sponsor gave a tip of a tape which dealt with steps 5 through 10.
    (As a kick in my but to do my last amends).
    Also there they talked about to see beyond the harm as I see it.
    To see how my harm done to others can harm in second rows.
    (If I harm for instance a girlfriend that might result in pain for her family too)

    And so I was praying last night, and BAM, like a lightening from the sky there it was! :praying
    There was this boy, a few years younger than me, that I provided with some drugs.
    And a few days later he called me again to get more, which I agreed to.
    But it turned out he had overdosed and been to the E.R. (survived) and now hes brother with some friends wanted to retaliate on me, so I was kicked down and so on.

    And now I realised that…I owe his family this amends, so now I’m about to see if it’s possible.
    (I dont know hes name, and when he bought from me he had a friend that acted as a courier, so I’ve actually never known who he I will have to ask a old friend who gave him my I hope he just remember)

    This will be a task!
    I have no idea of how I’ll take the contact with his family, and his brother will be cool to meet face to face and make amends to. (But I will also be **** nervous)

    However, what I feel about this is awesome!
    Since its clear to me (since it came to me so strong when I prayed) this must be Gods way of saying that he trust me with this, that he believe(read: know) I can do it!

    Going to call my sponsor tomorrow and talk about it, maybe he have some advice how to make the first contact?

    And if you out there have any advices I surely appreciate them :c033:

    Sorry for my english if I’ve spelled/phrased terrible..

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