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    @citychick 1290567 wrote:

    I told my husband and kids and various others I was sorry for my behaviour while using. And they all said “no need for that, we’re happy you’re sober”. So I guess I’m making living amends.
    As for my deceased parents, I feel where ever they are, they know.
    After reading these posts, I’m beginning to think maybe I did a superficial job!?

    How is it working out in the long run, ?

    my family didn’t want to hear amends, but it is necessary.



    its for us savoy, to help clear out the lost soul…



    As my children were with my non drinking family 900 miles
    away….my drinking caused more ‘sins of omission”
    I made sure they were financially secure and in a
    stable loving place.

    I did do a face to face amend to each as they grew older.
    It turned out to be more for me than for them.

    My parents never acknowledged my drinking or recovery.
    They refused to discuss either.
    I wrote my amend and burned it.
    Again…it was for me and not them.

    I made my peace with God my amends .

    Thanks for letting me share.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 31 total)

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