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    Yes, my definition of insanity WAS doing the samething over and over expecting a different result but NOW it is picking up that first drink knowing full well what it does to me. Excercising good judgement. I have not been doing this. I am insane. I cannot do this alone. I have not been to a f2f meeting. I am not very comfortable with this but I do believe the 12 Steps are my way to go. I believe that I have to give my HP (God) will over my life because I am insane. Proverbs 26:11 As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly. When do you know to go on to Step 3???? I believe in my HP. Can I do this with on-line meetings? Am I posting in the right area? Just some questions????



    By the time I got sober, I was dealing with the Physical part of alchoholism….needed medical supervision…was sooooo sick and worse when I tried to not drink (which wasn’t often in the end) I drank to keep from the sickness that can happen with detox as much as all the rest.

    But prior to my picking up a drink in 2000, I suffered from the insanity of this disease. I really thought that since I had worked through so many “outside issues” that I thought were part of why I drankl, that I might not be an alchoholic. That if I drank…this time would be different. It didn’t take long to find out that wasn’t so, but took a lot of years and medical detox to get back.

    Yes, I do have other “insanities” by many definitions, but sometimes those things have more to do with being a human being I think.



    For me, the insanity proceeds the first drink.

    The book actually describes it as ‘lack of proportion and the ability to think straight’
    It also discusses mental blank spots – where there is no human ability to rationalize oneself away from the first drink.

    No mental defense – when there is every reason in the world to need one. This is the insanity.

    Can’t be fixed by thought – so I have to rely on something more powerful than myself to get me through those times.

    Intuitive thoughts and actions
    Automatically making the ‘right’ decision
    A world that makes sense

    Upon a return to sanity (decsribed in the text during directions for tenth step practice) – we stop fighting alcohol, to me – that means the problem (body cant take it, mind won’t leave it alone) has been removed.

    You ask about how to take the third step. My suggestion is to get a sponsor who is familiar with the book, recovered and can walk you through this. The third step suggestions in the book say that it should be taken with someone, rather than alone (a witness if you will)

    The second step is nothing more than a willingness to believe that there is something more than your rational mind that can fix you. A power greater than ourselves – it’s a feeling (experience) more than it is knowledge (as is the case with all of the twelve steps)

    No reason I can think of to do it alone.

    I hear there are meetings somewhere in Illinois. You can meet someone there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 40 total)

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