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Discussion and Sharing Welcomed!

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    it seems my orginal post was lost in the crash
    along with many others. Sooo…:)

    I went to several Step Study Workshops
    Attended weekly Step meetings
    Got a bunch of forms from various places

    And still I fiddled around …started and stopped.
    :ugh: It was darn hard to look at myself.

    Finally…I sat down with my Big Book…Prayed
    and let it flow. 4 hours later
    I called L. and we made a date
    to do my 5th the nest morning.

    I was almost 3 years sober!!

    Thanks for letting me share



    Hi I am Turtle, and I am, and will always be “a real alchoholic”,
    Have decided to post my first message, instead of just reading, you know, “into action”. Thank you to all the humble people on this site for supporting us newcomers, much gratitude. Am living and loving my first 5 months of complete soberiety, since age 15. My cousin/ best friend was killed due in part to his meth addiction, and after I gave the Uleigy I vowed to him that I would live my best, for him and his 3 children.
    I go to at least one AA meeting per day, 163 and counting, it is my medicine. Have a great sponsor, with 18 years sober, who I talk to every morning, along with praying, my daily reflections and 24 hrs a day readings. Pray every night, to thank my higher power for another small achievment then fall asleep reading the big book. Some folks at meetings say I am wearing my program like a strait jacket not like a loose shirt, and how long can anyone stand wearing one? My intencity has always been a strugle for me, the same intencity I used when drinking for 20 years on and off. Anyone have an opinoin on intencity or perfectism? Is why I have been on step 4 for 2 months?:c009:



    My Big Book says we seek the solution with the desparation of a drowning man, sounds pretty intense to me. After all, this is only about life or death, my advice, keep on moving forward.

    You can stay sick in AA and have plenty of company. or You can recover and live a life beyond imagination. It boils down to the kind of company you wish to keep. PM if I can be of service.

Viewing 3 posts - 34 through 36 (of 39 total)

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