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Discussion and Sharing Welcomed!

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    me too!



    My 5th step became a 12 hour marathon. It was long but it was so freeing. I shared what was on my 4th step, shared my thoughts on the subjects and what I thought my part was and then my sponsor would probe and help me see things I couldn’t or wouldn’t see and she shared some of her E,S,&H that correlated to the stuff I had written. It was so cool! She got to know me better than anyone else, I got to know her better and I learned so much! I did feel sorry for her husband though because he kept asking “Are ya’ll done yet? How can ya’ll NOT be done? She’s not THAT old!!” He is in the program too so it was pretty funny because he knew exactly what we were doing but just wanted to give us a hard time.

    After going through all of the stuff on the 4th step I took stock of my character defects and then my sponsor sat down with pen and paper and had me write a list of assets. I couldn’t do it so she worked with me on that.

    To end the evening we built a fire and I burned my 4th step. I was then sent home to meditate for an hour, search to make sure I hadn’t left anything out and then do step 6 with my HP.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, we started the session with prayer and ended it with prayer.

    By the time I left I felt mentally and emotionally drained but SO MUCH lighter!




    This sounds very uplifiting for the alcoholic?

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 21 total)

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