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Discussion and Sharing Welcomed!

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    Welcome Charles…to our AA Step Study.

    Yes Step 5 for me is and was powerfully moving.

    However..AA Steps are usually worked in order
    and more effective that way.

    It is suggested that all newly sober AA members begin with
    Step 1.



    For my fifth step, I went to my sponsor’s and read my entire 4th step. Like Kellye, mine took a good 12 hours to finish. Before starting I had to state the purpose of my visit, then I commenced reading. Sponsor provided food and drink. Was very strange, perhaps the strangest experience I ever had in AA. After I was done, I felt at peace with the world and myself, more so than I ever have before or since. By that time, nothing in my 4th was any great revalation to my sponsor as he had been reviewing it all through the time I was writing it. Must have been one of those God things!



    I figured here was a good a place as any to re-print exactly what the 5th Step says (especially since a few have stated that their 5th Step was reading and going over/thru their 4th Step)…………:

    “Admitted to God, to oursdelves, and to another human being the exact NATURE of our wrongs.”

    In other words, as was taught to me……my 5th Step was NOT to just read what I’d written in my 4th Step, but to realize (which came from working and writing my 4th Step) and discuss the NATURE of my wrong…..my sponsor didn’t want to hear what I stole, or from whom, or how much, or how often…..jut that I was a THIEF…………simple (o: and this is what I share, and expect, from those who may ‘do’ their 5th Step with me…..in fact, I’ve stopped a couple of folks, when they brought out their 4th Step and started reading……some gottit, some left in a huff…………ah well………. (o:

    I figure, if you’re gonna do a step, do it as it’s written, not as you think the author’s meant…. lol


Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 21 total)

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