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Discussion and Sharing Welcomed!

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    When I did my very first 5th Step, I thought I’d cover all the bases and did it with Monsignor D. at my church who is very familiar with the program and what we are trying to do. (In other words, it ain’t his first rodeo!) When I made arrangements I didn’t realize the date I had set it up for was the same evening as the Founder’s Day event for my sorority. That evening I came hot footing it down the aisle with my formal dress hiked up to my knees and Father looks at me and says in his Irish brogue, “Had I known it was a formal affair I would have dressed accordingly!”

    Great as it was, it was not going to be my only 5th Step. I do them on a regular basis because I’m not perfect and I can still collect some junk in the trunk from time to time. The older I get, the more intricate my ability to try and manipulate and control things seems to get… along with some new character defect I’ve picked up along the way I need to be rid of. (Did you know that every now and then a virtue once it recognizes itself can turn into a vice if you aren’t careful?) Thankfully I have the same (long suffering) sponsor for the last 21 years and she’s heard it all. In case I fail to do so myself, she never fails to help me recognize the areas that I need help on so I can turn them over to my Higher Power for repair or disposal.

    Today I don’t dread this Step and I understand the power that it has in my recovery. Thanks for letting me share.



    I have done two fifth steps. I think the second one was better than the first. The first one was more out of the twelve and twelve and the second one was out of the big book. I think the second one was better just because I was a little bit more clear headed when I did it. I’m not even sure, though, that I included on either one the really major things that I had done that had been troubling me. I can’t remember, to be honest if I had the bravery to admit those there were just a few. But I have done 9th steps on them.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 21 total)

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