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Discussion and Sharing Welcomed!

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    This was my list from the fourth step plus some others for whom I had no resentments towards, fears of, or any sex conduct issues, but had in fact, harmed in some way, shape or form.

    After making the list, I was certainly NOT willing to make amends to them all, most, but not all. This is why guidance is so important, my sponsor suggested the Joe and Charlie method for organizing my list: Three columns: Right Now; Maybe in the future; and never. Then I had to pray for willingness on all of them, and start step nine on the right nows… suffice it to say, after 5 years, I have the willingness on all of them and when I get to the step nine posting, I’ll let you know how many I have left to do!

    THanks once again! (What is that, 18 cents now?)



    I had a minor revelation this morning… step 8 and step 9 are not the same step. and really step 8 is 2 parts… one make the list… 2 become willing to make amends (you don’t have to know what the proper amends is)…


    time to get to work…



    One of the most overlooked words in the steps is that little word, with tremendous implications. ALL

    I’m quite sure all means all. I always ask folks who relapse and are blessed enough to get back to AA the same questions. Did you spend time with God the day you relasped-the answer is always no. I always ask have you made all your ammends you are aware of, the answer again is always no. It would appear there is a correlation between these two questions.

    The freedom that comes from this step and the 9th is incredible, any sponsor that whittles down an 8th step list to make it more “tolerable” is denying the sponsee freedom.

    How do I know I am willing? I hear strange noises, such as me knocking on a door to make my ammend.

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 11 total)

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