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    @LKKPA 2550972 wrote:

    I have been journaling and am finishing Step 2 which I will go over with my sponsor tomorrow. Two issues came up that I am You see, my problem here is that my bottom wasn’t a very low bottom (thank God as I know it could have been much worse and very likely will be if I ever resume drinking) and I did not lose as much as others although I did temporarily lose my medical license. And this leads into my 2nd issue..

    Anyone have experience with similar feelings/thoughts? Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated!! :help

    Well, you do have the alcoholic mind.

    Many of us have their own personal hell. It was hell that brought me into AA.

    Do you really want to drink to the point of insanity like many of us did to hit your low??

    That’s your disease talking to you. We can go to a meeting and look around at others there and say, I’m not as bad as him or, I’m glad I’m not like her.

    The point is, what are you willing to give up to keep drinking?? Cause, you will lose it



    You can read all about yourself in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, LK. Check out Chapter Three. Nothing unusual going on, standard fare. Besides, it’s a “right now” sort of deal. Step Two doesn’t say that the Power “has restored” you to sanity–only that the Power “could.”



    As my sponsor is fond of saying

    There is no step that says “and then we re-gained power over alcohol”

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 21 total)

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