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    Just a note to “LKKPA’s” question: I have been where you are, and after 18 years I still find myself asking the same questions. But today I do have a number of years of practice at not trying to “Intellectualize” God, but just accepting that he or it exists. I had to be careful at the beginning to keep things simple, asking any number of people about what they have found, and pay attention to the little signs in sober life that tell me daily that God has restored me to sanity.



    @Charmie 2553434 wrote:

    this is step one stuff……the mental obsession that somehow someday we could drink like normal drinkers….this illusion has to be SMASHED!

    And the big book also provides a simple method for smashing the illusion.

    Page 31.
    ” step over to the nearest barroom….”
    “try it more than once…”

    A head full of the steps and a belly full of booze, now thats hell.
    Its a beautiful thing.

    BB Quotes. 1st. Edition



    “Do I believe that I truly want to never drink again…not so sure.”

    As long as you believe that drinking is still an option for you, then you do not believe you are powerless over alcohol.

    This is what my sponsor told me.

    She said admitting and believing are two different things. If I still voice that drinking is an option, I don’t really believe I am powerless. Does this make sense to you? It took me awhile to get it. It took countless times of drinking over and over again, to get it.

    Once I admit I am powerless over alcohol, drinking is no longer an option for me and has no room in my life.

    I would say go back to step one, and if you don’t believe you are powerless, you will drink again.

    Only you know truly how you feel. If you have a lurking notion that someday you will be able to drink, you will drink again. I am sorry but this is the truth. This has been my experience.

    I hope if you have a drinking problem, you do want to do something about it, and you are willing to do anything about it.

    We learned that we had to fully concede to our innermost selves that we were alcoholics. This is the first step in recovery.

    We know we must never drink.

    Do you know you must never drink? Do you believe you must never drink?

    What you wrote implies that you are not sure. I would really, really take a look at this.

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