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    Lord knows the ego of the typical alkie…..if any one of us found a way to go back to successful drinking……..after becoming alcoholic……we’d should it to the world and everyone would know our name.

    Drat…..if you’re asking “does it get better…..will I always have this “powerless over alcohol issue?” the BB answer is yes, you’ll be that way forever… only gets worse, never better (IF you’re an alcoholic of our type). Individual members may agree or disagree, but the program is very clear on the matter.

    First things first though…… do you know what it is to be powerless over alcohol and are you an alcoholic of our type?



    I was offering my experience. I did work the first step a bit and the original poster was asking about empowerment. It is possible that maybe the person is like myself and would benefit from knowing there are other schools of thought. Offering what helped me… I believe that is ultimately what this entire site is about.



    I found your reply very interesting Jackedjohn. You seem to have experienced exactly what should be experienced with step one, step one should not make us feel better, if anything we should feel worse. Step one is a reverse spirituality. My old idea of god ( me ) is BS, so i must be completely screwed. Only in step two do we find hope. The big book covers it many times. For example the man who finally accepts the hopelesness of his situation ( step one ) and goes to drink himself to death in a barn.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 40 total)

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