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    Are you going to regain your power over alcohol and be able to run your life well after some time sober?

    I really don’t know. How would you be able to tell unless you drink a bit?

    From those I’ve observed who did that, the answer would seem to be negative.

    Why not play it safe for say 40 years, and then check it out?



    When I finally decided to get sober before something awful happened I knew damn well I was powerless over alcohol and my life was indeed unmanageable.:(

    I am not powerless, but I am sure as hell powerless over alcohol.

    Me too.



    You can take a cucumber and turn it into a pickle. But once it is a pickle, it will never be a cucumber again. Seems easy enough to comprehend. A process has taken place that can’t be reversed. Enjoy the pickle for what it is.

    Surrendering to the concept that we are powerless over alcohol once we take that first drink…….The key being powerless AFTER we take that first drink. Unless we drink, alcohol has no power over us. If we abstain from alcohol, alcohol is a non-issue. We are now pickles.

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 40 total)

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