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    I came to A.A. because I did not understand – Yet I understood I had a problem was not sure what it was at first discovered shortly after I was an Alcoholic and that’s why I am here.

    Understand has to do with the present – Understood has to do with the past much like
    Honesty can only happen in the present – Truth is about the past – it’s easy to be truthful when one is not honest all one has to do is tell it like it is. Yet A.A. asks us to be rigorously honest – I find it impossible to be honest with ones self when looking for the truth in someone else – easy to be truthful but honest with ones self is another 4th dimension all together

    Watching people come and go around A.A. showed me that God is to be understood rather than to have someone teach me how to understand. This took personal wiliness between me and our God – I used the word our because A.A. is clear that there is only one and that one is —

    Why did not my parents seem to work?
    Why didn’t cub scouts work?
    Why didn’t church work?
    Why didn’t the ten commandments work?
    Why didn’t the cops work?
    Why didn’t the sponsor work?
    Some may even ask why didn’t the 12 steps work?
    Maybe even tomorrow why don’t the 20 steps work? 12 good 20 better right?

    Can this be why step two states as we UNDERSTOOD HIM rather than trying to understand?
    Is this why some get it and others don’t?
    Can it be so simple that we don’t even know we have it with us and diverted looking outside to people, places and thing to try to understand rather than be still and know.
    I hope step two is understood people will argue to that you don’t understand and the big question is WHO – Do we promote idols or is it about God the cross roads brings use to a place
    Either we run to the phone or look into our hearts.



    Alike….please check your PM box
    Thank you.




    If I read it correctly… The writer of the twelve steps and the fifth chapter was simply telling us what they did… past tense… not what they are doing in the now, in the present tense… I also read it in the past tense as to allow for the possibility that how we understand God may change, evolve, strengthen, grow…

    Interesting discussion about truth vs honesty.

    Seems you have some issues with sponsors though…. seems to come up quite a bit in your posts… sometimes rather obliquely.


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