Ecstasy | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 3


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    Gmoney said it all, live life without a crutch.

    I don’t know how far you have progressed as far as your dropping pills, but let me tell you how far I got when I used to drop e. I started raving when I was 17. That’s back when raves were still 12 hour events, from 6pm to 6am, out here in the SF bay area anyways. When I started partying I’d only drop 1 pill cause it would have me flying all night, plus smoking weed all night too. When I started dropping e, ecstasy was pure mdma, pills didn’t have names like they do today and they didn’t have cutters in them either. Slowly I progressed into dropping acid too because I liked the effect candy flipping (dropping e & acid) had on me, it made it so my peak would last longer. Soon I was having to drop 2 pills because 1 just didn’t cut it anymore. Than when e turned bunk, when they started getting names and pictures imprinted on them I was dropping 3 double stacks just so I could feel a peak. Not long after that I was introduced to special k (ketamine) I started snorting that because it made me feel like I was peaking again. I started selling coke to finance my partying so I was snorting that all night too by this time. To make a long story short I got to the point where I was taking anything I could get my hands on. I got to the point where I was dropping 7 pills, 3 hits of acid, snorting k, snorting coke, dropping a speed ball or 2 (crystal and heroin), eating mushrooms if I could find them, smoking weed and drinking when i was of age; in a 12 hour period mind you. I overdosed on three separate occasions. All three of which I had to be rushed to the hospital in the buses with the flashy lights and sirens. I still continued to party after each time, even after having three near death experiences. It was part of the territory of the lifestyle I lived. My real friends didn’t party with me anymore because they said I partied to hard for them. So I started chilling with people I met at raves, they weren’t friends because I didn’t chill with them outside of parties. A couple of people I chilled with at those times didn’t make it from there overdoses. Did I care? No. Me and the rest of the pack were so f’d up in the head we literally just shrugged it off and would say “well I guess that fuker couldn’t handle his drugs”.

    I’m very lucky to be alive, from all the stuff i was doing i really shouldn’t be here. I stopped raving a long time ago when someone I actually knew since elementary school OD’d off some bad e. Then I progressed into my drinking. But that’s another story in itself.

    I can’t make you stop using, nobody but you can do that. I would highly suggest you look at life a little differently because there are a lot of fun things you can do without having to use drugs. What do I do now, I go to meetings (mostly AA), work my steps, help others and stay in service. Gmoney said it all already.

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