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Fear And Faith

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    I submit that faith isn’t something to get. I’ve always had faith, just faith in the wrong things. I say this about alcohol, but I’m sure any addict can relate: If you ever had a real bad day and knew that there was a bottle of booze (or whatever drug did the job for you) waiting at the end, that’s faith.

    I hear you, Jim…but I still don’t buy some stuff – like predisposition or the “inborn” stuff. I guess it’s the age-old nature vs. nurture thingie. But I can’t help but think that (whether addict or alcoholic) you can’t have faith in something waiting for you at the end of the day if you didn’t have an idea of how it would get there (or got there). My experience is that nothing ever magically appeared when I wanted to use…I had to make a way to get it or put it there.

    As I asserted previously, faith is something that can be increased (obtained) in cases where it is “lacking” – yet I’m also open to the idea that some have it and some just don’t. For me, it is intellect that is a natural trait of being human, and with intellect humans have the capacity to believe, disbelieve or question almost anything. IMO, the gift is the ability to reason.

    NA literature says faith doesn’t come overnight…it takes time and effort to grow. It speaks of faith as something to be developed and nurtured into trust. Even the 2nd Step talks about coming to believe, eh?

    Be blessed,



    More on Faith

    “Belief in a power greater than ourselves does not come easily to all of us…

    We start to develop faith through the process of coming to believe. It starts with hope. For some of us, this may be only a faint spark at first, perhaps just the thought that maybe, if we work this program, our lives will get better. Our hope turns to faith as our lives begin to improve. For many of us, faith can be described as a belief in something intangible. After all, who can logically explain the sudden lifting of an obsession to use drugs, yet this has happened for many of us. With our hope for a different life and the beginnings of our faith that recovery is possible, we start the process of coming to believe in a Power greater than ourselves.” – IWH&W, pg 20

    “Coming to believe that our Higher Power has only the best in store for us is one way we can combat that fear. We hear in meetings that our Higher Power won’t give us more than we can handle in one day. And we know from experience that, if we ask, the God we’ve come to understand will surely care for us. We stay clean through adverse situations by practicing our faith in the care of a Power greater than ourselves. Each time we do, we become less fearful of “what if” and more comfortable with what is.” JFT, pg. 122





    Faith is the key. Believing and calling on God when you need help is key. It is easy to forget and try to solve the problems ourselves, and then the odds improve that we will return to mistakes from the past. Ask God for guidance and illumination. That small space between action and reaction can give the Higher Power a chance to put the right thought in our minds. see Ecclesiastes 5:2 (Bible)

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 15 total)

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