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Fear Inventory vs. 3rd Step

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    I like that keith, thanx… I will use that approach… boiling it down…

    Yes LawMama… a sex inventory, and you must tell all of us here EVERYTHING… 😉 just kidding…



    Mark,I found a fear in every resentment on my resentment list [ see big book example ].I took those fears and put them on my fear list.I prayed and searched for other fears and put them on my list.
    Like Keith,I asked myself why I had those fears.Because I was relying on self.I asked myself how I used self to combat or deal with those fears.[what did I do because of them]
    Like Keith,I could “distill” my fears down and see the evil and corroding thread thru my life.It started in my head with fear and turned into actions by my behavior,and hurting myself and others.It became such a working part of me that it was like a normal thing to me.

    I asked myself if I had trusted and relied in God how might it all have been different and wrote it down.This gave me a vision of how different my life could have been and how it can be today if I just trust and rely in God.
    I then saw what my self reliance and fear did to me and others and what relieing in God can do today.That fear is deep ingrained and the root cause of my resentments and sex conduct also.

    my fear prayer is
    God please remove this fear and direct my attention to what YOU want it to be.
    Thank You!

    good topic



    Bball, thank you. Wow.

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 29 total)

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