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Fear Inventory vs. 3rd Step

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    I agree with you Robby and I’m glad you posted. At 29 yrs sober, I’d hope I could say the same things you just said. I’m not, however, 29 yrs into this completely new way of living. I still have a lot of fear, it still drives me from time to time, and I don’t always handle it the way I wish I had when I look back upon it. That’s why I post the way I do now….I try to post from current experience unless it’s prudent for me to post from my past to help someone with some identification, in which case I usually try to say “back when I…” or “I used to….”

    That’s cool that you can’t relate….. 😉 It gives me hope that there’s still a lot more to come for me. 🙂



    My religion is catholic. Today in mass our priest gave a very moving homily, as he always does… He is so dynamic and charismatic. His homilies bring to life the gospel reading for the day. He often leaves me with tears streaming down my face… When he is done, I get it…

    Anyway, today he talked some about fear. As is often the case, what I hear in mass is consistent with the AA message… He described a reconciliation (a fifth step, basically, not just for alkies, yah know!!) with a woman some time ago. Fear was pervasive in this woman’s life… and when they got right down to it, a detailed fear inventory, if you will… it turns out she was afraid, deeply and completely, afraid, that God would not like her.

    How tragic and unnecessary… isn’t it? He sees everything… and anyway… God loves us unconditionally, He made us… in his image.

    Well, maybe you had to be there, but it was good stuff…




    This is my favorite thread on the whole site. I read it a lot. Thank you all.

Viewing 3 posts - 22 through 24 (of 29 total)

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