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Fear Inventory vs. 3rd Step

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    I have fear of…my meeting with my sponsor tomorrow to talk about Step 4! I so admire you all…thank you.



    I found that the majority of my defects centered around fear. And I eventually was able to find the source most of them. I was afraid of not getting something I wanted. Not necessarily just the “stuff” in life like the promotion, car, house, raise, and so on. But also those emotional needs such as praise, recognition, love, and so on. My fears were based losing what I had or not getting what I wanted.

    That’s when the “Let go, let God” thing started to make sense. If I was willing to turn my will and life over to God (back to step 3 like everyone else), then what was there to be afraid of? Maybe I wouldn’t get what I wanted. But I’d get what I needed. My fears began to disappear and were replaced by gratitude. A little more piece of that thing called spirituality.



    Hi again, still re-reading this thread. The only time I really want to drink is with my husband. We always had a great time sharing a bottle of wine. But I realize now…I am most afraid that he will stop loving me. This is my biggest fear in life. So maybe it makes sense that I want to drink around him, to dull that terrifying fear. I will try tonight, to ask God to remove this fear, and re-direct my energy. Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 25 through 27 (of 29 total)

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