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    I’m new here. On Nov. 13th I sent my 24 year old son off to rehab for Opiate addiction. Painkillers and Heroin. After 2 month he came home excited about living a new and clean life. He set goals and had good rituals. Went to lots of meetings, the gym and church. In the last month all has stopped. He told his dad and I tonight he had taken a percocet and a Vicodan. He is saying “its a bump in the road” and saying disparaging things about meetings, etc. I fear we are losing him again and just don’t know what to do. I am so painfully sad because he can be so incredibly wonderful. I guess I just don’t get it. Do people relapse and eventually get it and stay clean?



    @Ricecakes 2592831 wrote:

    Do people relapse and eventually get it and stay clean?

    Although this is the NA 12 Step forum (specifically, step 12), and your post would probably get more responses in the Family & Friends Forum, I felt a need to answer your question and possibly give you some hope.

    Yes…addicts do relapse and many stay clean afterwards. I never bought into the saying “Relapse is a part of recovery,” because it isn’t. Relapse is a part of active addiction and it can (and does) happen. There are times when a relapse can set the stage for a more effortful application of the program.

    My personal story is full of failed attempts and relapses – many rehabs, a few outpatient programs and several halfway houses. It was only after exhausting every way I knew to control my using that I finally surrendered to the NA way of life. This “chronic relapser” will soon have 12 years clean thanks to NA.

    Recovery is possible.



    Good advice from Gmoney!

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