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Fifth Step Prayer

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    @nandm 1649263 wrote:

    Higher Power,

    my inventory has
    shown me who I am,
    yet I ask for Your help
    in admitting my wrongs
    to another person and to You.

    Assure me,
    and be with me,
    in this Step,
    for without this Step
    I cannot progress
    in my recovery.

    With Your help,
    I can do this,
    and I will do it.
    NOTE: All Big Book quotes are from the First Edition of the Big Book

    Interesting – Can you help me find this in the Big Book of A.A.?

    I thought rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path – The word PATH was used precisely for a reason and upon careful reading if one think clearly ( many think it is wrong to think)- Mabe there is reason – If one is on a path it should be easy to take without having to follow someone (right?) if one needs direction surly it’s not a path just a different direction.

    Take a closer look – an inventory does not show who one is- God does. Without God someone will make someone else for a bench mark.

    1. Trust in God
    2. Then clean House
    and then “last but least” give freely of what you find to any other human being.

    A statesmen?
    “for without this Step
    I cannot progress
    in my recovery.”

    I took (not worked) the second step and “abandon” myself to him then proceed with God and today I share freely with thousands of other mutual friends not certain ones.

    This prayer has some interesting human twists maybe it’s a prayer for others not within ones self.



    I am continually amazed at how people will pick something apart rather than just leave it alone if they do not agree with it. Obviously this is not written this way in the Big Book it is simply a tool to help someone as they take the Fifth Step. I am sorry that you do not approve and you did not find it useful to you. It has helped many others who chose to look at it as a tool rather than something to pick apart.



    Thanks for posting something that works for you. I use a lot of prayers that aren’t in any book. Someone may look at your prayer, use it and it’ll be your gift to them. Keep using what works. I was always told: Whatever works, works!!:thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 6 total)

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