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finally making progress

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    I only found this site recently, but I have been working on the first few steps ( going back and forth) for a while now.
    And since I have been on this site, I realized that my coming here is not just about my current AH but its about the lifetime of dysfunction I was born into, and obviously have yet to completely get away from.
    I stopped trying to change my AH a year and a half ago, when a friend introduced me to the steps.
    My question now is, can you do these steps while still with your AH?

    Actually I have one more question….another post mentioned online sponsors. Is there such a thing, and if so would you reccomend it?

    I’m currently not in aposition to attend meeting and so forth.
    While my AH has heard me say how finding Alanon has helped me cope with his drinking, I try to keep it on the down low around here.

    It’s for me not him right?

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