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    May I suggest reading the 12 traditions.

    Here’s a question: What does reading the 12 Traditions have to do with thinking about getting high? I mean, if you’re offering someone help…it may just be helpful to explain how reading the 12 Traditions helped you.

    I’m not working the 12 steps. It’s not killing me. I’m not miserable.
    I didn’t used today. I don’t have a desire to go use. I don’t belive in GOD.
    My life isn’t a mess or filled with truama or chaos. I don’t have controll

    Okay…and your point is?



    @aprilmae3375 2945389 wrote:

    …if nobody answers i spill my guts to a answering machine

    LOL I know that one!! Good for you.

    We do what we have to!




    The 12 traditions give you salutions. Living principles to practice and apply in your life.
    The 12 traditions also give you salutions for working with other addicts and other people in general.
    The 12 traditions also protect the group and recovering addicts from control freaks.

    When you read the 12 traditions, you’re learning about something new?
    When you learn something new, it opens your mind. Plus you’re not focus
    on getting high? When you practice and apply something new in your life, you’re
    not doing the samething over and ove again? When you stopped doing
    the samething over and ove again, you’re making changes in your life?
    Recovery is about changing?

    See how simple that is?

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 25 total)

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