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    yeah some things are pretty obvious and evident :a213:




    Whats wrong with having using thoughts?

    For me, I accept that thinking about using is something that will come and go. The key for me is not to dwell on those thoughts or glamorize any memories I have of using. Thinking of using can be a problem for newer members or addicts who haven’t been relieved of the obsession to use. Thoughts of using can continue to be a problem for some addicts, but my experience has taught me that as long as I don’t act on those thoughts all will be well.



    We are not called addicts for nothing. Of course we think of using. I submit we have no control over that. Once the thought “left-fields” us, it enters the conscious realm, it’s an immediate fork-in-the-road. So there it is, I can go left or right. If I continue to dwell I’m asking for trouble. Sometimes I have trouble even without dwelling. I can’t beat myself up if the thought comes, but I try to deal with it. If I still have trouble I talk to someone. Still, I don’t feel like any of this guarantees my sobriety. But it’s all I have.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 25 total)

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