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finally ….peace with myself

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    Dwell, that’s what normal people do. Obsess, this is what addict
    Once I accept my OCD or OCDP, this relevates the guilt and shame.
    At first I will be more awear of my obsession on using drugs.
    After a period of abstance I will begin to recognize my obsessions in other areas
    of my life, such as obsessing on working the steps or other forms of obsession
    I’ll get into.
    For me when I’m in complusion, it’s almost impossible for me to stop. ( not only pretaining to drugs use)
    This is were I feel I’m powerless becuase I’ll observe myself in complusion.
    In my own experince, the actions or behaviors I’ll get into while in compulsion
    can be costly. It also depends what types of activities I’m doing while in complusion.
    If I judge, redicue or comdemn myself it’ll just add more negativities in my life.

    It’s very important that I comprehend, grasp and understand that I’m not a bad
    person trying to become good, I’m a sick person trying to get well.

    There’s simple focus excersizes I can practice to assist me to re focus or re shift
    my attentions. Meditation also helps me to get out of my head or not run/react
    to my thoughts. There’s many other living tools and copping skills recovering addicts
    have to pass on and share with each other. Each one of us must find what works
    for us. In order to do that we must also be willing and open to new ideas.

    As states in NA basic text, some of us don’t pray or prayers dosnt work for us.
    If a member wishes not to pray, it dosnt mean that member is not working the steps right.

    Everyone have vari degree of OCD. Everyone have different perspective on life.

    The challenges with NA members in my area or meetings I attend is that
    members get into competing and comparing their recovery.
    Competing and comparing are at the root cuase of our low self-esteem.
    Our low self esteem plays a major role in our using and other unhealthy habits.



    Hey heres a wacky idea; the self love and acceptance you say is so crucial, maybe you ought to try that on other people. Your posts, if I may, and I may, are like shards of broken glass in a teddy bear. They’re a combination of self-affirmation and sardonic criticism, at who I’m not sure (maybe NA?) and then you add things like “I shouldn’t judge or ridicule.” I agree, don’t compare, but I gotta ask, what exactly is your beef?



    It hasn’t been quite a month since I took my last drink, but I feel better now then I did the day I decided to quit. Just flowing with the river and letting go is becoming easier. I date a guy who drinks and not sure how long this relationship will last, but when we go out I order a Shirley Temple! We are going to the Jazz Festival in New Orleans next week and I will not be drinking, but enjoying the food! I will bring my sketch book and pencils while I listen to the music. I do not feel I am missing out on anything by quitting…Just taking this one day at a time.

    Peace always.


Viewing 3 posts - 19 through 21 (of 25 total)

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