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    I felt the exact same way so many times. After not being successful at so many attempts to do things my way I realized the things that didn’t quite feel right were probably just exactly what I needed. I’m an addict/alcoholic with an illness in thought and what is comfortable/normal to me is often the worst thing to do or a path back to using.



    I can honestly say that after over a month of attending “open discussion” meetings – mostly Women’s groups that I have never left a meeting wanting to drink. You say there was a speaker? We only have speakers once a month. Are there different meetings in your community? If there are I would check them out.

    I always feel badly when a meeting isn’t beneficial for fellow Alcoholics. 🙁



    What you are not is unique. Many have had the feelings you have had. Why did you go to a meeting? Whats the Problem? Can you beat it by youself? Also, there are a bunch of meetings out there. If the group you went to depresses you then try some different meetings. AA is about growth. Some meetings can be bitch sessions or “pity party” meetings. Look for groups embracing positive values and growth. Support is the key if you find you cannot quit drinking on your own.

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 20 total)

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