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    Every meeting has a different feel or “personality” so to speak. Some you may feel more comfortable in than others. I suggest trying some different types of meetings (i.e., literature meetings, beginners meetings, open discussion meetings, etc.) You will eventually find a few that you will want to stick with. Susan



    The meetings I attend are not downers at all…. Lots of hope, laughter, friend… Try another group.



    I went to my first last week.

    I found it interesting and not unpleasant. There were some people that I could connect with but there were also a lot of people that seemed very unbalanced and hanging by a thread.

    I really didn’t see myself becoming a regular member of this group. I also came away thinking that I wasn’t nearly so bad off as some of these folks.

    I I think I will try a few more to see if I can find a better fit – this one was in the middle of the day on Friday so it may attract a different crowd than a weeknight 8 pm meeting would.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 20 total)

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