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    hello and welconme to sr…im sorry your first experience at AA was like it was….the few newcomers we have had walk through the door of my homegroup lately have said they were overcome with the love they were shown on arriving…….in an ideal world and all that…..there are allsorts of folk attend AA and one meeting is not enough to represent the wide variety of members….i have a friend who is a long time sober member of AA (17 years) thats not too far away from you…if you would like to go to a meeting with him give me a shout..hes a good guy 🙂



    Perhaps the “lesson” in their stories, for you anyway, was not that you should identify with their current economic lives….but that even someone of some mean, like you (or like many of us) can see that even those less well of financially have still been able to find happy, content, lives based in spiritual wealth……and sobriety.

    It was shocking to me too, at first, to hear ppl who seemingly didn’t have much of what I believed would or should make someone happy (nice house, loving spouse, money to spend, vacations to go on, nice vehicles to drive, etc etc….) yet there they were, speaking of living lives full of joy, peace and serenity. It was a BIG lesson to me……perhaps the places I’d had been looking for contentment in were not the real source of happiness? ……didn’t seem all that logical but one thing was for sure, MY was wasn’t working and THEIR way was.

    Such is the way a life lived on a spiritual basis. It sure wasn’t a lifestyle I had been much of a believer in but it intrigued me. I figured, if even “those people” found happiness with “so little,” I was sure to find it if I tried to live on the same spiritual plane they were living on. So, in a way, their lives were a great motivator for me to move forward and give the AA program a legitimate shot.

    ……and pardon the “judgement” I alluded to….I’m not necessarily proud of it but thought maybe my experience might help you connect some dots.




    by the way…when i said i was sorry about your first AA experience i was meaning the none welcome…! not the folk that were there.

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 13 total)

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