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First AA Experience


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    Hmm..AJ .

    there is a book some of us members found useful along the
    lines you mentioned re tips….it’s title…Living Sober.

    It may still be found in on line bookstores ..tho I’ve not looked.

    Here is a recent thread discussing it…sort of….:)




    After an individual shared her story, others at the meeting then chipped in to empathise, demonstrate overlaps with their own experiences and offer encouragement and support. Everyone seemed to know the drill, so I am assuming this is typical. I’ve no problems with any of that.

    That hasn’t been my experience so I’m thinking this is not a typical meeting, or a type of meeting we don’t have here. People share on their own experience and in most meetings ‘cross-talk’ or commenting on other people’s shares is expressly discouraged.

    I wonder if you interpreted what you heard differently to others at the meeting. Often, one person’s share will influence what another person shares about, or the might say ‘I really related to the last speaker’, but they are still sharing on their own experience. I’m not sure what you mean by chipping in – again I’ve never been to a meeting where people just freely commented on what someone just shared. Usually the chair calls each speaker, the person shares for a few minutes on the topic of the meeting or whatever they need to share about, and then another speaker is called. There is no discussion on what was just shared.




    Congratulations on your six days!

    The irony is that despite the differences in the paths taken, all the individuals at your meeting today ended up in the same place. Alcohol bears no prejudice in social standing, education, wealth, or temperment. When I went to my first meeting after treatment, I found that I couldn’t identify with many of the people in that room. I sought and found meetings in which I was more comfortable, comprised of people more “like me.” I’ve been sober for sixteen months and I now go to that first meeting from time to time.

    Seek other meetings, and find one (ideally several) that speaks to you. Each meeting is different due to the individuals that attend, and the traditions and mores of each. I was fortunate to find one in particular that I found intersting, challenging and spiritually vibrant. When you find “your” meeting, pay attention to the men who seem best to “get it.” Ask one of them to be your temporary sponsor. The rest will work itself out.

    Your challenge is exactly the same as everyone else in AA: achieving lasting sobriety. When you have found what works for you there will be plenty to share, regardless the audience.

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 13 total)

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