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    Hello all. I have noticed that since my last drink (a little over 3 weeks now) all I want to do is eat, eat, and eat. I was by no means a skimpy eater when I was drinking, but now it seems like I am craving sugar (ice cream, butterfingers, m&m’s, etc) and high-carb type foods (pizza..) all the time!

    I feel like I am trying to fill a void and food is doing the trick, temporarily. Seems like I am giving up one vice for another. I haven’t got on the scale, but I feel my tummy sticking out a bit furhter : ) Lord help me!!! Anyone got some tips or hints on how to get around this? I already work-out 5/6 days a week and am a pretty active person.



    Congrats on the 3 weeks!

    The food cravings will level out. I know in the first month if I was obsessing about alcohol I would clean the fridge and cabinets out with anything sweet. It got better.

    Hang in there. A few extra pounds is better than the poison of alcohol.



    I gained about 20 pounds the first four months I was sober. I took them off again when I was ready.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 13 total)

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