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    I started to lose wight when I stopped drinking…face less puffy, gut going away, skin looks better



    I started out with craving sugars and carbs. That has leveled off. Now my problem is junk. I work the second shift and am starving when I get home at midnight. Not in the mood to cook a healthy meal so I eat crap. Ive gained 9 pounds but lost 3. I’m looking at joining a gym but I know my appetite increases when I workout. Sure is a lot healthier then drinking booze, skipping meals, vomiting and then doing it all over again



    OMG! I thought this was my post for a second, right down to the filling the void part. I guess this is “normal” for us peeps who quite drinking. UNFORTUNATELY. :c020:

    I’ve tried sugar free candy but I have to be very careful! You can end up in the potty a lot! LOL But the reduced carb ice cream is good and then someone mentioned sugar free popsicles.

    For me it’s just this oral fixation. (sounds bad) but it’s simaliar to a smoker needing to chew gum.

    It’s not that I NEED sugar I just need to be doing something – it’s the behavioral side of addiction. When those behaviors aren’t there anymore – drinking liquid we feel strange and anxious. At least that’s what I’ve discovered. Hopefully this will die down soon!!!! :lala

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 13 total)

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