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    I think a lot of us experience that. During my outpatient rehab group meetings, we were always passing around bags of candy. We all noticed the cravings but decided it simply wasn’t a big deal in the short term. Whatever it took to stay sober!

    I know I had expected to lose some weight when I quit drinking. I mean, think about it… a bottle of wine has how many calories? How about 1/2 a bottle of vodka + mixers? I thought it would be tough NOT to be cutting calories but I didn’t consider how little I ate while drinking. During the first 60 days (maybe more) of sobriety I didn’t lose a pound. But that gradually changed as my body adjusted and I’ve finally slimmed down to a size I feel comfortable with. In the beginning, I had to focus on the positive things that were happening. I was eating so my hair wasn’t falling out, I didn’t have bags under my eyes, my mind was clear and my wallet was gaining weight (hahaha!).

    My advice is to put your sobriety first and give yourself a break. If eating more junk food helps in the short term, don’t beat yourself up. Gradually work healthier foods into your diet and before you know it, the craving for gummy bears and Cheetos will slip away.



    One reason I quit drinking was because I figured I would lose some weight. Didn’t happen! No, like others who have posted here, I’ve gained weight the past two years during my sobriety. Probably 10 pounds on average, though it has fluctuated a bit. Not happy about it but I’d rather be carrying some extra weight than abusing booze and trashing my liver. I’ve always loved sweets, and good old-school junk food like chips have been more tempting in sobriety. Training for a marathon this fall to help shed a few pounds. No big secrets: burn more than you consume and you’ll lose weight.



    Someone said to me the other day that our bodies turn alcohol into sugar. When you quit drinking the alcohol your body still looks for the sugar.

    I’ve been eating like crazy but also exercising more than normal so I think it’s evening out. Just had a Dairy Queen Blizzard (smartie) for dessert after lunch!

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 13 total)

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