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    I think it is important to realize too, that when we are drinking, our body is completely dehydrated, so a lot of what you see show up on the scale is weight that is what your body has been looking for and missing! The weight will drop if you are working out that many times a week, but if it doesn’t it may be time to set some new or different goals (a run with hills or an additional 10-15 minutes one or two times a week).

    Hang in there, and don’t panic. In a few months you will have so much energy, plus you won’t have all of those “hollow” calories that do nobody any good.




    I always had some nice protein bars on hand, never let my self get too hungry, but also allowed myself to have chocolate when I wanted. The low carb bars really did the trick in satisfying my cravings and I have a lost a lot of weight. Also boiled eggs in the morning set me up for the day and almonds to snack on. I think you should eat what you want at this stage as it is better than alcohol, however having these other things on hand will help keep that tummy in check!



    And congratulations on three weeks that is great!

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 13 total)

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