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    Today, by the grace of an ever loving presence (which i chose to call god) and a 12 step program of recovery i have been recovered from the symtoms of alcoholism (not cured).

    Today i chose to do gods will and he in return choses life and freedom from active addiction and alcoholism for me.

    Today i am truly blessed and grateful………….amen



    Thanks for sharing here with us
    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings



    i had the concept… was just the concept was rooted in fear and dread.

    letting go of old concepts and ideas was a big deal for me… if you like.

    in the beginning “my concept”….blocked my willingness to embrace a loving god….

    talks with my then priest….mother and various others helped me to unravel some of that unfounded fears and to be honest…

    my connection turned into something beautiful……with time.

    for me….that old twisted concept will keep my drunk.

    nice post dog.

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 7 total)

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