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    well, my HP is a hard one…

    I feel riped off when he took my husband away from me…I think he was called to soon….

    that took along time for me to get HERE…

    I am slowly coming around, and now feel powerful when I think of my husband is *looking* out for me….

    I am not angry anymore…and this too is a process….



    How hard that time must have been for you, I’m glad you could work through it and grow.

    I had been mad at God a long time too, Maggie, but by the time I reached Step 2 I knew that I needed to connect again and perhaps embrace a kinder, gentler God of my understanding.

    All step 2 asked of me is that I come to “believe” that a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity. I could see that something had worked for others, somehow they had found peace and serenity, so I decided to believe that I could find it too.

    I had to ponder this step for some time, and really “believe” it, before I was ready to move on.

    I started attending church. For me, it was several churches because I needed to get past church doctrine and just feel the presence of God when I sat there.

    One day while sitting in a Catholic church (I am protestant), alone with my thoughts and the quiet atmosphere of peace, it was as if I could “feel” the presence of God all around me.

    I said a prayer and asked God to be patient with me, that I was trying hard to connect. And that very moment, as I said the prayer, I “knew” that my prayer was heard. Can’t explain it, but it very well may have been my first “spiritual awakening” and I felt in my heart that I was now ready to believe with all my heart.



    i totally am getting “it”, realized i can be angry at god for taking my husband so soon, and now I am letting that go now, and letting god….its been very hard…been 8 years of hard to let this go…but now….i surrender and letting him in….

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