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    hey so im a 22yr old addict and this step is really hard for me. Like I already know i’m a scumbag when im on drugs and alcohol, i really don’t need to put it on paper. I need help with this step…anyone got any suggestions? thanks!



    I had worked with my sponsor very closely on the first three steps which prepared me for step 4. By the time I got to step 4 I knew it was about an inventory that included ALL and not just the terrible or “scum bag” things I did while using. There was motivation behind my behaviors good and bad. Making this list (inventory) helped me to see the exact nature of my wrongs we share in step 5…that’s why it’s step 4. See it’s not about the wrongs we did…it’s about the exact nature of our wrongs that helps us in our recovery. Also there are assets we discover about ourselves in this step too. Step 4 is for scooping up the pile so we can do the next right thing with it. Shame and guilt have swallowed us up in the past (while we were using) and this step gives us a way we can continue in the process of forgiving ourselves.

    There are several pieces of literature on working step 4.

    Do you have a sponsor who has worked the steps?




    It is always helpful to read the literature associated with each step.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 7 total)

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