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having alot of trouble with this step…

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    This is not about you being a scumbag. Actually, it’s the opposite.

    This is for learning for yourself about your nature and your problem of Self.

    If your car problem is your fuel system, you can’t fix it until you understand the nature of your problem, and that it’s not some other problem.

    “Scumbag” is name-calling. Stop it. That’s part of your problem. Stop being a Judge. You are unqualified, so says the Big Book, to be Playing God in that manner. Stop the condemnation. “We quit playing God. It didn’t work.” (That’s in the AA Big Book, under Step Three.)

    Just for laughs, let’s consider that you are a crappy judge of your own character, and let’s consider that the people who labeled you a “scumbag” are also ignorant of humanity and spiritual concepts. You and they are equally stupid. 🙂

    The previous is not meant as a judgmental condemnation either. Get it?

    God is our Judge, and God’s job (since the A.D. era) is really Forgiveness and Love, not condemnation. So you are doing it wrong anyhow when you play God. Instead, try serving God instead of playing God, and try helping others who need and want your help.

    Now move on by beginning to read Steps 3 and 4 (I suggest the AA Big Book — I’m prejudiced) and see if you understand it better. See if you can use the ideas to identify the exact nature of your “wrongs”, not just “what you did that was wrong” but your wrong ideas and your tendency to have a partially or completely defective character.

    IMO, that’s like having a “defective personality”, but deeper than mere personality. Defective means “broken”. Step Four is the beginning of a path to fix whatever is broken, or to have it repaired by an Expert (with your involvement).

    Factory Refurb character is better than broken character, IMO. The Christians call it “being reborn” (if some of them really have a clue what “reborn” means).

    The end result is this is a new opportunity for You to love You, when you learn to accept your past and present shortcomings, to seek improvement, to seek rebirth, and to learn to love your real God-ly nature. The end result — if this is not too corny — is that you will learn that you are really an angel-being, just a bit f’ed up in the head. 😉


    When you learn to love your own God-ly nature, your Spirit, and a new kind of Self (which is still “you”) develops that you can more easily enjoy and appreciate and love, then you will also discover that you love God at the same time. That’s what I experienced.



    Valley Girl only posted once here at 12 Step National Meetings (last September), and has not returned.



    (I suggest the AA Big Book — I’m prejudiced)

    Yes, this is ubundantly clear. I share in the fellowship/program I’m in out of respect for both.


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