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    Like I already know i’m a scumbag when im on drugs and alcohol, i really don’t need to put it on paper.

    When I was geeked out of my mind, I WAS a scumbag too. Mean, offensive and despicable….yeah…that’s a pretty accurate description. Some may refer to how we described ourselves during active addiction as “name calling” but as long as we’re honest it really isn’t about playing God or being any type of ultimate authority. When we do our inventory we simply tell the truth in whatever terms suits us.

    God is our Judge, and God’s job (since the A.D. era) is really Forgiveness and Love, not condemnation.

    In Narcotics Anonymous “our” understanding of a Higher Power is total and without any catches. We can call it the program, the group or we can call it God. No member has the authority to tell any other member what to believe, who is their judge, or how to conceive a Power greater than themselves. In NA, it is suggested that we share ES&H…not preaching or moralizing.

Viewing 7 post (of 7 total)

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