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    and this surprises me. After all, I believe in God.

    Unfortunately, I am doubting that God can help me find sanity. I often feel that god is punishing me for just about every bad choice I have made so how can he help me find sanity?

    Words of wisdom are welcome.



    I personally don’t beleive God punishes or about looking at it as a higher power for now..a life force, flow of energy, nature..the group can be a higher power..showing you the way to sanity.I personally think God is inside of us all..the core of who we really are..that can’t punish you or reward is just the very purest,most quiet, healthy , and serene spiritual part of yourself that you just have to rediscover



    I am working on step 2 too. Do you have the book Paths to Recovery? It helps me to journal the answers to the questions. It also really helps me to read the section on the Traditons and apply it to my family life. The step 2 tradition really helped me with the issue of God and our choices.

    What I took from step 2 is that God loves us and therefore has given us free will. We are free to make our own decisions and also to enjoy or suffer their consequences.

    I believe God can help me find sanity through prayer. For me prayer is putting all the issues that are too much for me to deal with out there. Then I ask for God’s guidance and listen quietly for at least 10 minutes. I might not resolve an issue at that moment, but often during the day an answer will come to me. I also need to get in the habit of doing this before each major decision or when I feel my life is getting out of control or even when I’m facing something a little difficult.

    For me, after reflecting, I’ve seen that by repeating my same behaviors and not getting any different outcome I’m allowing myself to live crazy. I have to change my behaviors to be more healthy and in my best interest.

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