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HELP! I have relasped and need to get clean! FAST!

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    I went to rehab earlier this year for an oxycontin addiction. I was clean for almost three months and thought maybe I could do just one! BOY was I wrong and I have learned my lesson. I have been off and running for several months now, here I am physically dependant on the damn drug again. I cant ask for help from my friends and family because they believe that I am sober. (I hate lying to them) but I have a child that I am scarred that will be taken from me if my ex and family know that I have relapsed. I am currently in out patient rehab and go to 2-4 meetings a week. I really try to get off but being sick with so much responsibilities is really really hard. My money is dwindling and I cant afford one more pill. Please help. What should I do??

    I am thinking about checking into a detox center for labor day weekend and faking a trip somewhere! This is serious. I CANNOT lose my child because of drugs that I hate doing in the first place.




    ahhh Do what you have to do to get help. You can not help anyone, your child included, if you can not help yourself. please think of that above all else.



    The thing that is so disappointing is I know better…. Like I said I go to out-patient rehab and attend meetings. I feel so bad going to these events knowing that I am not clean. I want to be so bad! I am just petrified of the withdrawl. There is no easy way out on this….. GRRRR

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 12 total)

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