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    @James1 2714024 wrote:

    :c020: Hello Everyone,

    I’m kind of confused on how this website works but I’m learning. I want to talk to people who have been down that long hard road of detox, relapse, and recovery. I can’t seem to get out of this circle. I want to get out but as you know it is very hard. I don’t know what to do anymore. My family is here for me but they just don’t know what to do to help me anymore. They haven’t been in my shoes so it’s hard to know what I’m going through. My fiancée found this site for me and I will try anything or a way to get over this. I pray that I can get more help and support from someone here.

    If anyone has got some advice for me please let me know, I will definitely try anyway I can to get clean. I want to change and be a better person before it’s too late.

    My addiction is pain pills and benzos.


    well im a new commer and i feel you i used to use pain meds like crazy



    I give you permission to get MAD!!! Get angry! We are all different and we work in different ways. i was taught to be nice, act nice, look nice. After working the steps, my group told me i had permission to be MAD at the drugs at the people who helped me be addicted. i was angry at the drugs mostly, their ability to control me!! i learned to hate them and our society that pushes them on us. i learned that the drugs were my enemy and i was ready to get mad and fight. for me, being angry is better than feeling hopeless and pitiful. love yourself but see the drugs for what they are, your bitter enemy that wants you dead. refuse to let them win and know that there are many friends of Bill who have won before you. they have made the path for you to follow. trust the process. GET ANGRY!

Viewing 2 posts - 7 through 8 (of 8 total)

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