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    I’ve been in recovery on and off before (first time was 1996). I’ve been drinking steadily/daily for about a year and six months at this point (with occasionally weeks off involuntarily).

    The disease sure is progressive. In 2006 I wouldn’t quit because even after all that time, 6-7 drinks a day was sufficient to get me where I needed to go. But now, only 4 years later, it takes 8-12 drinks a day.

    Somehow, I’m able to function relatively well, although I’ve started to fear that people can smell me during the day (I only drink after work). Is it possible I sweat the smell of alcohol?!

    Anyway, this is day one. It’s not uncommon for me to take a few days off (when I travel to see family), so I’m not too worried withdrawal. Valerian (a natural herb) normally works nicely.

    But… I do indeed feel powerless. I’ve been completely unable to stop. I’m afraid I’m going to ruin a career prospect. So, here I am. I hope this can be my bottom.



    People who have done a lot of drinking frequently smell of alcohol even if they’re not drinking at the moment. This is because the body doesn’t metabolize alcohol as well as it used to.

    People often slip because alcohol had a lot to do with how they knew how to handle things. Learning a new way doesn’t happen overnight. One day at a time and be willing to go to any lengths.

    Good luck!



    It definitely was progressive with me. For a long time I could handle as many drinks as you’re drinking now and still function well and also quit for days at a time, but at a certain point, I started having trouble functioning when I wasn’t drinking so quit taking days off because it felt so much better to keep drinking at least a little. You can definitely smell alchohol long after it is supposed to be out of your system if you have been drinking a lot for a long time.

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