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    I have decided to make some changes in my life. I need lots of support to help figure out what went wrong and why I drink so much. I grew up with my mother drinking all the time and I dont want to wind up like her. She is a mess. Although I dont have to drink every day like she does, sometimes when I drink I can’t put a limit on it and drink enough to drown a horse. Then the feeling of not remembering things the next morning haunts me. I hope there are plenty of you who have some advice for me.
    Thanks for hopping in my thread!!! :wild



    sometimes when I drink I can’t put a limit on it

    1. Sounds like the physical craving for more once one or two are taken…. if that’s your experience, go to the next question.

    2. Can you stay stopped when you put your mind to it? if no, than that sounds like the mental obsession. If this is true for you, you’re probably alcoholic. Move on to the next question.

    3. When you DO stop…does life seem to lighten up and get better….or do you tend to get more irritable, restless and discontent? If the latter (ie, life gets more painful) then that’s the spiritual malady.

    1, 2 and 3 cover the mental obsession that keeps us from staying stopped, the physical craving that keeps you going once you start up again, and the spiritual malady that makes the times you quit sheer agony…..until u start again and trigger the physical craving. …..round and round you go……and it never stops on it’s own. It does get worse with time though.

    So, if those 3 check out, rest assured…… it or not……’re almost certainly one of us. The final call, of course, is yours to make. It’s not up to us or to me…’s up to you to decide.

    From there, assuming you’ve decided you’re an alcoholic….the next question to consider is if you can solve your problems or do you need the help of a power greater than yourself. The easy way to answer that is – Have you been successful in the past (probably not or you wouldn’t be here now)? Do you have a legitimate reason to believe you’ll be successful on your own this time (and by “on your own” I really mean – of your self… in, not needing a power greater than yourself). Some can get past their alcoholism on their own or with a support group…. A real alcoholic does not have this power. The feel like they do…..or should be able to…..but experience tells them they can’t.

    That final group…..the real alcoholic who doesn’t have the power within them-self, is who AA is aimed at. The alcoholic who has lost the power to control their drinking and is faced with a dilemma – go on drinking to the bitter end or find a power greater than themselves to who can solve their problems. Luckily, for this last group..the seemingly hopeless alcoholics….there’s hope. The AA program is like a treasure map to connect with that power in your life….your own personal Higher Power. You don’t have to use my, or his, or hers….there are no rules as to what that HP is…….so long as it’s not you anymore.

    If you can do what we did (which proves any moron can do it….hehe) you’ll find the solution just like we have. You’ll go back to enjoying life. You’ll find a new purpose in the days and weeks that are in your future. Fear can turn into optimism and even what might look like a run-of-the-mill / blah day can be one in which you find a lot of joy and peace in. …oh yeah, …….and you won’t ever need to drink again.



    I have quit before, but not because I thought there was a problem, but because I was training for a marathon. I didnt think the alcohol would make things any easier, so I just brushed it away. However, after the marathon, and I mean the very next day, I drank…and drank…and drank. Staying up all night just on a binge.
    I usually wont drink when I have work or school the next day. I’m in the Army, and I go to school full time now. But on the days I doont really have plans for the following day, I will drink…and drink…and drink.
    I feel like its more binge drinking that I do, but nothing good has ever resulted from it except for a fun night every now and then.
    I recently got out of a controlling relationship where I was told I couldnt even have alcohol in his house (we lived together) but him “making” me not drink, made me want to do it more. So I dont know if that was a problem other than alcohol or if the sole problem was alcohol. I was so unhappy and I thought having drinks would make the night more fun because he was so difficult to live with.

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