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    hi 12live,puzzlegirl,Nikkle, and paraffinalien

    the main thing is what alcohol does to you when you drink it
    can you stop when you want too and not have any second thoughts?
    Can you stop once you start,or drink until you pass out or run out?

    a couple of questions from the 4th chapter of the Big Book:
    1- If, when you honestly want to, you find you cannot quit entirely(mental obsession to drink)
    2- or if when drinking, you have little control over the amount you take(physical allergy)

    if you are not convinced of either one of those two as a general rule in your life,you may want to try this:

    We do not like to pronounce any individual as alcoholic, but you can quickly diagnose yourself, Step over to the nearest barroom and try some controlled drinking. Try to drink and stop abruptly. Try it more than once. It will not take long for you to decide, if you are honest with yourself about it. It may be worth a bad case of jitters if you get a full knowledge of your condition.

    I believe only drinking will convince us if we can control it or not

    also it is a good suggestion to read the Big Book,chapter 3
    you can find it online
    Big Book Online Fourth Edition



    ok so I decided to log on and show my husband what I have done……..while we are sitting here having a late night drink……he decided to stop drinking and eat ice cream, and me well……I decided to have a beer (in my wine glass) since we finished the bottle of wine and had no more….. clearly there is a problem…….drinking while looking this site on my computer….big question is …..HOW TO CONTROL OR STOP THIS!!!!!! I’m not ready….I feel great….carefree and not tired……kids are in bed……so why stop drinking??????? I definitely can think of at least 5 reason to stop but …..ah one more won’t hurt or make a difference right????? How many times have we all said that???? As my husband says 2 minutes ago, “lets go to bed, don’t drink anymore.” and I said “one ore”

    Sorry I am posting this ….this way….this is when I am at me weakest and worst….when I can’t rationalize……

    I hope and wonder “does anyone else feel this way? I always feel like I am “odd man out”
    Thank for listening!
    Good NIght



    Thanks for posting . . . I too had a parent who was a severe alcoholic. He actually passed away from Pancreatitis 2 years ago. He was only 57 and died 4 days before my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. I am still mad at him and certainly don’t want my life to end like his did. So, I have decided to take a BIG step and not be like him. Good luck to you . . . I believe at some point we must “break the cycle” of alcoholism.

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