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    @Puzzlegirl 2822880 wrote:

    I hope and wonder “does anyone else feel this way? I always feel like I am “odd man out”

    Just about every time I drank it was like that. I “knew” I needed to slow down but couldn’t manage to actually do it with any consistency or regularity. I tried every trick I could think of….but for me….I had crossed that invisible line into chronic alcoholism. And bear in mind, I said “slow down.” I never planned or even hoped to stop forever.

    It didn’t matter what the reason was or how valid/good a reason I had to not drink” that night or that week… almost always would get trumped by some other reason that told me it was OK this time.

    Even as the trouble started flowing into my life, I kept on drinking….. somewhere along the way I crossed that line into the area where I was no longer in control of when or how much I drank.

    Luckily, that’s what an alcoholic is…..someone who’s lost the ability to control their booze. You don’t have to be divorced, homeless, living on the streets, get DUIs, go to jail or any of that stuff to be an alcoholic. High bottom or low bottom…….an alcoholic is an alcoholic.

Viewing 10 post (of 10 total)

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