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    My sponsor has me listing my resentments first. We are doing this by column, listing names, organizations, institutions, then why we resent them, then how we were injured, then what I could have done and done differently, and finally, how to “end” or let it go.

    I came up with a list of 20, very thourough, but….my sponsor said he had over 200 and I need at least that many, old teachers, every boss I”ve ever had, a cop or two, girlfriends.

    To be honest, these people NO LONGER pose any resentment in me, WHY list someone or something I’ve let go.




    If you had resentments against them in the past, put them down. The point is to understand why you had the resentments, not how to resolve the ones you currently have.

    Our resentments are the results of our actions, our thoughts, our decisions. Your inventory is to figure that out. You will see the pattern. But past resentments are important.



    I went through this with my sponsor as well. His reasoning was twofold: It helps him call BS in the future, because he has a better idea of your past unhealthy thinking. And, if I have really let them go, it should not be any problem to write them down right?

    I found it one or two sore spots that I was not admitting two, and most importantly I saw that my alcoholic thinking was far older than my drinking. Like back to some of my very earliest memories. The practice of lying to get out of trouble went way way back.

    Remember you are writing this inventory for yourself, you sponsor is just a mirror. Fearless and thorough are the watch words. Good luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 6 total)

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