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    I don’t know, but I thought I didn’t have any when I was told to make a list. After I got going I came up with 200 easy. 🙂 I think I/we want sometimes to be healthier than we actually are. We want to not recognize that we are just human and all of us are imperfect. It’s kind of like what I used to think also, that my ONLY issue was drinking. Soon as I get rid of that I will be great. Takes time. Also, the list doesn’t have to be perfect, just a good effort.



    I found that simply by writing some of these down then the resentment was removed. Its not uncommon. However, for me there is also a difference between “forgetting about them” or “moving on” and truly having the resentments removed. Having them removed is god directed while the others are self will directed.

    Bear in mind that the point of the step is getting down to causes and conditions, finding these things that block us off from the sunlight of the spirit. Once identified I offer them up to god to what he will with them.

    My experience has been that all of my resentments were manifestions of selfishness in various forms, and much like the drink I am powerless over them, hence the need for god to handle them for me. Clearly there is subsequent footwork, tending to the spiritual condition by going through the amends process and allowing god to enter my life.

    Good job for doin the work and talkin to people about it! Its always a pleasure to see another drunk taking part in this solution.



    my sponsor points out one thing to me
    my list is between God and myself and he dosen`t know what God wants to reveal to me.He doesn`t know how many names I am supossed to have.

    He instructed me to pray this prayer before any writing or reading in the big book.

    God,please have me do this work the way you want me to do it.Please show me the truth about myself.Thank you!

    I looked at resentments / anger,and mainly anger.Not much difference between the two.I ended up with over 500 names on my list.The big book does say we had to be free of anger if we are to live…not stay sober,but live….

    we are searching for the truth,and if we think we can see it alone,then we are going to miss out most of the stuff,and we will pay a high price later.As far as past anger,or present anger,the big book makes no distinction between the two.
    write it all down,you can sort it out later

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 6 total)

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