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High-functioning alcoholics…?

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    I feel the same way, not sure where to go from here. I feel if I can do all the daily activities of life then why should I get drinking…..



    I think high-functioning alcoholics are what a lot of folks are these days. We talked aboutthis in AA which kind of depicted the steretypical alcoholic who was unable to keep a job, relationship etc… Today many of us can drink and somehow show to the rest of the world that we have it together in spite of our drinking. I think that makes it more of a cunning and treacherous problem. I agree with FNB3. Writing it down, puts the rubber to the road. I drank at home alone. It was my dirty secret. But the amount of time I planned for drinking, excused myself from activiites and isolated was significant. The amount of wine bottles and beer cans I collected! AA meetings are what’s getting me through these days and trusting in something greater than myself. There are lots of high functioning folks at meetings. But thank god, they no longer drink and know what I am going through. Here’s to one day at a time and supporting each other and being honest with ourselves….something that is very hard to do for us alcoholics.



    I too believed that I was managing; no dui’s, chores done, dinners somewhat made, however, I lost control when I feared school functions after 5. Why? Because I knew I could not go to a function after drinking. I feared having to pick up my hubby from airport if it was after 5. Why? Because I normally have my first glass at 5. I avoided going out to dinner with hubby. Why? Because he wouldn’t get home til 6 or 7 and I wanted to have my first drink by 5 and couldn’t get relaxed enough to get pretty and dressed without having a glass of wine…or 2. I feared going on road trips. Why? Because if particular stretch of trip went past 5 pm, I couldn’t get that first drink. I lost control over things I used to want to do and now alcohol controls me and every step I make after 4:45pm.

Viewing 3 posts - 76 through 78 (of 83 total)

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