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How Did You Know ? Step 8…..

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    :tyouWriting these people and places etc..on paper was very simple for me..I reviewed my 4th Step and the people I hurt just seemed to flow out..My therapist asked how did I remember these things……I told her I was just ready and willing to face my past….I Believe when Im doing Gods Will it seems things fall into place…..I Prayed before putting pen to paper and God allowed me to see what I needed to see..Im Just about finish..I Mean these Steps are a lifelong process but I guess we learn and grow through them..This has been my experience and thats all its been..Its important to me and hope others are helped by it…Im feeling alot better than when I wasnt doing these Steps…Being miserable in recovery isnt worth it..Eventually I got high and drunk..I know what thats like..Being sick and clean..not a good place to be..So for me meetings and talking about how I feel wasnt enough..Steps 1-3 I know I need help and start developing a relationship with a Higher Power…Steps 4&5 really was where I started to feel alot better about myself….Steps 6&7 I started seeing real changes…Im not the same person I was…Im changing…Steps 8&9…Relationships will get better…..Just what I need…Isolation is ending…..Thank God for the Steps, Meetings, Sponsor, and all the people in Recovery..Clean:tyou



    I Just got off the phone with my Sponsor and Im a little bit more clear of where Im at with Step 8…We will be meeting up soon to go over each person on my 8th step list…I will keep you posted…Thanks, Clean:wild



    Most of your 8th step list will come from your 4th step. Since it’s a 24hr program and we’re (supposed to be) working all the steps each day, you’ll likely have a handful of “new” names to add to the 8th step list. Heck, I’ve been adding names since my first list several years ago. Darn thing keeps growing! lol

    Clean, you hit on a nugget of gold though….. “you asked God for help with the list.” That’s SOOOOO important. If it’s MY list, I guarantee I’ll leave names off that need to go on there and I’ll put names on that maybe don’t need to be on there. When my spiritual connection is on track, and I’m getting guidance for who needs to go on the list, I’m really reluctant to let my sponsor take names off. (some sponsors like to do that…..others won’t ever take names off) That can be a sticky situation. If I’m getting really clear guidance from my HP to keep a name on and my sponsor says to take them off….that’s a time to slow down (on that name anyway) and seek some more guidance. It doesn’t come up that often but it did for me. I ended up making the amend anyway and am glad I did…..I NEEDED to make that one, yanno? …..and I knew it.

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